Building the PMG generators by hand

The Movie is about building your own PMG Generators for your Windmill / Wind turbine Projects by hand. (without a 3D printer)

With this information you can build PMG Generators yourself in a cheap and easy way.
And build them within a day!

You can find the Generators we make in the movie here on the site.

With the information from the DVD you can make the Generators any size you want.

Now including the update movie ‘micro generators’

DVD Energy Creator

A instruction movie what’s worth it!
Lot’s of good information

dvd diy generators


Or the Book

Book Energy Creator

dvd diy generators 



If you don’t know what to expect from the movie?
you can try our free movie, How to build a little windmill

Free movie.

How to build a little windmill.

micro windmill

This movie is free download

little windmillfree download

In this movie we build a little windmill.
The little windmill has a double bearing system so it can rotate around his axel and has a slip coupling for the transportation of the electricity to the battery’s.
We used only simple tools to make this little windmill.
We did not use a Bench drill, a Lathe and a welding machine.
Instead of these machines we used Polyether.




3 Phase winding


We use the magnetic energy of the magnets for 100%!



Materials list
needed for the movie

The materials you need for the generators.

No lathe needed.
Just simple tools.


Energy Creator
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Why the coil winding of Energy Creator

makes a high efficient generator coil.


We all know the Axial Flux coil winding.

axial flux coil
As you can see here on the right, the magnets are wasting a lot of magnetic energy.
The magnets are in action with the coil in a very inefficient way!
Every time you se the blue arrows the magnet is wasting it’s magnetic energy.

Normal old coil design

The Energy Creator coil winding.

Energy Creator Coil

As you can se here on the right, the magnetic energy of the magnets is used for 100%
This design is not wasting any magnetic energy.
The magnets are in action with the coil all the time!
This is a highly efficient way to make a coil.
In other words, you get a more powerful generator for less money!!
This coil is also easier to make by the way.

High efficient new coil design from Energy Creator


3D printed Generators

3D Generator 1

3D printed generator




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